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For your convenience, please feel free to print and fill out our intake forms  to bring with you on your first appointment

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ChiroHealthUSA is a network that allows it's providers to contract with you for lower negotiated fees for professional services similar to that of large insurance carriers.

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Chiropractic is Safe - Records from insurance and court cases have constantly shown that chiropractic is the safest portal of entry health care available to the public today. Although no healthcare procedures are 100% safe, chiropractic stands on its record of safety and effectiveness unmatched in healthcare. To learn more about the safety record of chiropractic please visit the website Chiropractic Is Safe at .

Here are some more great resources to learn about the value and science behind chiropractic care:

Nutritional Products

Vemma Nutrition Program

Vemma is a great tasting bioavailable nutrition formula that contains 12 full-spectrum vitamins, over 65 plant-sourced minerals, wildcrafted mangosteen superfruit, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic decaffeinated green tea for the ultimate nutritional foundation.

The Easy and Delicious Way to get 15+ Servings of Organic Fruits and Veggies!

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The American Chiropractic Association

Spine-health - A feature (use menu points on left side)

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - National Institute of Health - Manipulative and Body-Based Practices

Chiro-Tips - History and Education about Chiropractic

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