Auto Injury

Being in a car accident is a very difficult situation on a number of levels.  Not only can you be injured with as little speed as 5 mph, your pain can seem minor compared to the stress of missing work, family scheduling, and having your car fixed.

While you are in a rush to get your life back to normal, but sure to have a thorough physical exam performed.  Often times people are injured without significant pain.  Or if there is minor pain, they shrug it off as not significant.   Even a minor pain can be a sigal of tissue damage that can lead to scar tissue formation and permanent loss of range of motion.  Imagine a minor pain in your neck limiting your rotation.  If that "minor" pain never quite goes away completely, you could develop altered compensation patterns that lead to chronic pain.  Often we don't even realize we are compensating for a "bad" shoulder or "troublesome" knee we have had for years.  Pain and loss of range of motion are not normal.

Chiropractors are specialists in neurological and musculoskeletal examinationin.  Even if you are not in pain, you should get a thorough examination to make sure you don't have problems that could plague you for years to come.

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